Xtime goes mobile


Xtime said it has moved into the realm of mobile scheduling for its ServiceCRM platform for fixed operations allowing customers with smartphone devices to schedule their automotive service “on the go, at any time.”

“As with all of Xtime’s scheduling applications – web, dealership and call center – mobile scheduling integrates VIN-specific service recommendations, real-time appointment availability and certified DMS integration to create the industry’s leading service scheduling product,” the company said in a release.

Chris Howie, VP of Xtime, confirmed Canadian dealers running Xtime’s ServiceCRM could promote this new capability. “Xtime already has text messaging available across Canada,” he said, noting that as long as the mobile device can access the Internet, customers can access Xtime via the dealership’s website.

The technology allows customers to create an appointment, select services, and confirm details. The information will automatically integrate with the dealer’s DMS via certified interfaces for ADP, R&R, Arkona and InfinitiNet, said Neal East, CEO of Xtime.  

“The key message is that dealerships need to evolve and keep pace with the technology and with their customers by opening up their service department to 24/7 online confirmed appointment booking regardless of the device; PC or mobile device,” Howie said.  

For more information about Xtime and its ServiceCRM product, check out www.xtime.com.