Alberta’s Koch Automotive Group Adds New Online Car Buying Tool


Alberta’s Koch Automotive Group has rolled out new consumer tools to improve online car buying.

Available at Edmonton’s Koch Ford Lincoln, DK Ford in Leduc, and Koch Ford in Athabasca, the new website changes let’s car buyers write a review of a vehicle and publish it as well as read other customer reviews. Car buyers will also be able to track prices, create user accounts, and save a vehicle to their personal wish list that can be used to compare price and features on desired vehicles.

The aim of these user accounts is to save time when researching and purchasing a vehicle. Using their account, a customer will be able to see the purchase history of their vehicle, including service and maintenance receipts. In an effort to build trust and transparency, all customers can log in and write a review for any vehicle featured on a Koch Ford website. Using the same tool, a customer can ask a quick question and get an answer while avoiding the pressure to buy.

To alleviate price flux, Koch Ford has implemented price tracking. A car buyer can now suggest a reasonable price, and if the vehicle drops to the requested price within 30 days, the customer will be alerted.

“Last year we embraced e-commerce technologies, creating a true 24/7 dealership experience online,” says Koch Ford assistant GM Jeremy Koch. “Since 2017, there have been a slew of clone attempts to emulate this feature on other dealer websites. The majority of these clones fell into lead generation and Koch quickly realized that just being e-commerce is not enough to improve the purchase journey. We wanted to empower consumers as much as possible and create a true convenience focused experience. To do this, Koch implemented new tools, which are common in travel and e-commerce websites, but rare in the OEM dealer world.”