Audi House of Progress Makes North American Debut


Audi’s House of Progress makes its North American debut in Montréal, Canada this October 13-16.

From Tokyo to São Paolo and most recently in Milan for Design Week, the House of Progress will present Audi’s vision for the future of premium mobility through an immersive consumer experience that highlights the brand’s complete EV lineup, showcases Audi’s grandsphere concept car, and depicts Audi’s forward-thinking commitment to sustainability. Intentionally set in the birthplace of transportation in Quebec – Cirque Éloize, Montréal’s first train station – the complimentary ticketed event will walk guests through the evolution of the brand’s rich history of performance, and design and look ahead to Audi’s forward-thinking progression to digitization and sustainability.

“The Audi House of Progress is a platform to spark meaningful conversations with thought leaders about our passion for progress and our vision for the future of premium mobility.Progress seen and felt through our evolution of performance as we build sustainable concepts, partnerships and initiatives,” said Audi Canada president Vito Paladino.

House of Progress will also feature several panel discussions starting on October 14th and running daily. Panelists include Nino Di Cara, founder and president of Electric Autonomy Canada who will report on insights about Canada’s transition to electric vehicles and the future of transportation. Byron and Dexter Peart, Montreal natives and co-founders of curated marketplace, GOODEE also join the stage.

Other panelists include Omar Gandhi, Canadian architect and Dan Climan, Montréal-born artist known for making artwork that mixes digitalism with nostalgia. Joining the conversation, Spencer Reeder, director of Government Affairs and Sustainability at Audi of America, will share his perspective on what progress means to Audi.

In addition to showcasing Audi’s EV line-up and acting as a platform for conversations around progress and the future, the House of Progress will also present Audi’s grandsphere concept car for the first time in Canada. The second in a series of visionary concept cars, the grandsphere provides a glimpse of how tomorrow’s first-class automotive comfort will look: electric, automated, and intuitive, providing self-driving luxury at its finest.