Autovance Technologies Announces MyDeal Digital Retailing System


Autovance, a software development company specializing in sales and F&I solutions for auto dealers, announced the release of the first phase of its consumer-facing MyDeal digital retailing solution.

MyDeal, the digital retailing extension to Autovance Desk, will allow dealers to share the worksheets they have used in their showroom with consumers via the Internet on PCs and mobile devices at home. The result is a seamless collaborative experience for consumers from the web to the vehicle sale. The initial phase of MyDeal is available to all Autovance Desk dealership customers at no additional charge.

“We’ve always prided ourselves in delivering highly accurate, transaction-ready data to our dealers,” said Rick Johnston, founder and vice-president of Autovance, “Now we’re giving them the ability to share this information with their customers in real-time. Dealers are forced to find alternative ways to help consumers purchase vehicles right now, and as a result we quickly developed this exciting extension of our popular desking tool to help them work with their customers remotely. And, recognizing the challenging circumstances most of our dealership customers are currently facing, we are offering them the opportunity to take advantage of this phase of MyDeal at no additional cost.”

Autovance plans to continue work on the MyDeal app, extending its functionality to allow consumers to get up-to-date pricing, payments and other vehicle sales-related products directly through the dealer’s website.