Bosch And Mojio Introduce IoT Emergency Response Solution For Passengers Vehicles


At the 2019 CES show in Las Vegas, Bosch and Mojio unveiled a jointly developed, IoT integrated emergency response solution that adds crash detection and emergency call (eCall) response to an existing connected car solution from Mojio.

The new integrated emergency response offering combines a crash detection algorithm and eCall emergency services from Bosch with Mojio’s telco-grade cloud platform and white-label mobile apps for connected cars. The end result is an enhanced safety experience that senses collisions, assesses severity and triggers the appropriate emergency response. The key benefit of this IoT solution where vehicles are directly connected to the cloud is professional help arriving sooner in the case of an accident.

“Enhanced driver safety, and the peace-of-mind that comes with it, will be a powerful benefit of connected mobility,” said Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America.

This retrofit technology can be used in any vehicle, regardless of the make and model. Existing benefits include Wi-Fi connectivity for the vehicle and notifications for engine issues and recall notices to make informed decisions on maintenance and repairs. It can also locate a stolen vehicle to inform authorities and provides access to a growing range of smart, integrated services, such as on-demand roadside assistance and parking reservations. With the addition of the integrated crash detection and eCall service, drivers will soon benefit from the enhanced safety features enabled by Bosch.

“We’re excited to work side-by-side with Bosch to help save lives by creating a safer and smarter global driving community, enabled by IoT,” said Kenny Hawk, Mojio CEO.

The solution is initially being offered to Mojio’s global portfolio of mobile network operator customers, with early deployments to consumers expected by mid-2019 in North America and Europe.