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CARFAX Canada Launches Car Care App

CARFAX Canada has announced the launch of its CARFAX Canada Car Care that helps vehicle owners keep track of car maintenance schedules and takes the hassle out of keeping track of service records. All it takes for Canadians to sign up is an email address and the license plates or VINs they want to add via carfax.ca/service.

One in five vehicles have an open recall, and research by CARFAX Canada uncovered that Canadians want an easy way to know if their vehicle has been impacted. Car Care gives Canadians peace of mind by providing automatic recall alerts that can help owners be aware of open recalls that impact how their vehicle runs and its safety.

Additional benefits of Car Care include:

“We’re proud to launch Car Care as it helps Canadians keep their vehicles in top condition which we know is not always an easy task,” said Mark Rousseau, president and GM at CARFAX Canada. “Given that a car is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your lifetime, it’s understandable that you want to take great care of it. Car Care makes this task simple with convenient reminders, a search function for trusted shops and digital record keeping all in one place.”