CARFAX Canada Powers Kijiji Autos’ Price Analysis Tool


CARFAX Canada announced it is powering a new pricing tool available on Kijiji Autos.

Canadians using Kijiji Autos can now reference the integrated feature to help them better understand used vehicle values. It helps used car sellers set competitive asking prices while creating confidence for buyers that they are getting a good deal. The insights, based on vehicle information from CARFAX Canada, empower Canadians to make great decisions about used cars.

Kijiji Autos’ price analysis leverages the power of CARFAX Canada’s vast data sources that bring together billions of pieces of information in one place. A proprietary algorithm calculates the average price for a vehicle by considering its available history, which may include odometer readings, damage, as well as actual selling prices for similar vehicles nearby. The findings can be used as a benchmark for sellers and shoppers to understand what similar cars are worth.

“In addition to already being the exclusive source of vehicle history information on Kijiji Autos’ platform, we’re proud to now also power their price analysis tool with our comprehensive valuation data,” said Mark Rousseau, president and GM of CARFAX Canada. “We’re thrilled to partner with Kijiji Autos on this initiative because we’re aligned in our mission to help Canadians navigate the used car buying and selling process with ease and confidence.”

“Kijiji Autos was built based on dealer and consumer feedback,” said Leanne Kripp, director of Autos at Kijiji. “We asked Canadians what we should focus our efforts on when designing this platform, and transparency was highlighted as a key pain point – and opportunity – in the car shopping journey. By integrating CARFAX Canada data into our price analysis tool, we’re able to provide millions of Canadians with a greater level of transparency that will empower them to feel more confident in their car buying journey. We’re thrilled to have this partnership with CARFAX Canada and look forward to gathering feedback on its impact on Canadian car shoppers’ decision making process.”