CarGurus Launches New TV Campaign in Canada


CarGurus has launched a new “Consumer Confidence” TV ad campaign, which began airing on June 30. The campaign aims to reinforce car buying confidence, as research has shown that just over half of shoppers are very confident in their purchases.

The new spots highlight how the innovative online buying platform helps inform buyers and establish transparency throughout the car buying experience. The campaign features three scenarios focusing on how car buyers in Canada use CarGurus to find a great deal and build a greater sense of confidence in one of the most significant and expensive life purchases.

The inspiration for the campaign comes off the back of the 2021 CarGurus Buyer Insight Report which found that only 54 per cent of buyers are very confident when in the market for buying a car, while 34 per cent often feel uncertain about car shopping.

“Our research suggests an ongoing shortage of confidence among Canadian buyers when looking to purchase a car,” said Sarah Welch, chief marketing officer at CarGurus. “Particularly with used cars, knowing what a fair price is can be very challenging for the average consumer. With this Consumer Confidence campaign, we’re aiming to demonstrate our consumer-centric approach and how we empower customers with the insights and details that matter for buying a used car.”

The campaign will consist of six commercials, with three 30 second spots and three 15 second spots. They will air on both broadcast and cable television networks, as well as digital marketing channels like YouTube.