CAW opens negotiations with GM, Chrysler and Ford


The Canadian Auto Workers will open up negotiations on new contracts with the Big Three automakers in Toronto this week as the union looks to capitalize on a strengthened economy and good will earned during the doldrums of 2009.

The meetings begin on Tuesday morning with representatives from General Motors. A press conference is set to follow at noon where the union has said it will present its goals for this set of negotiations. Chrysler Canada will then meet with the union in the afternoon while Ford of Canada is scheduled to begin talks on Wednesday.

Industry watchers are hinting this could be a contentious bout of negotiations as the union looks for the automakers to invest back in Canadian facilities following concessions made by the union during the start of the recession.

CAW president Ken Lewenza told the Canadian Press on Monday that auto workers expect the car companies to invest in Canadian production facilities to increase productivity, profits and job security.

The union represents more than 20,000 workers at GM, Ford and Chrysler facilities in Canada.

Check back in to for updates on the progress.