Consumer Reports releases 2010 reliability study in U.S.


Automotive News is reporting that Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. dominate the list of most reliable 2010 models according to Consumer Reports magazine in the U.S.

Ford Motor Co. ranks highest among the domestic companies in tenth place.

The biggest jump made over last year’s score came from Cadillac, which leaped seven spots to 19. The CTS-V was named that brand's best model while the STS (V6) was called its worst.

Second in terms of improvement year-over-year went to Volvo and Porsche, which finished eigth and second respectively.

The biggest drop curiously went to Audi, which fell seven spots to 26. This decrease comes in the face of large sales gains made by the German automaker in North America over the past 18 months.

Top spot was corralled for the second year by Toyota’s youth brand Scion. The gen-x company, which just hit the Canadian market late last month beat out some luxury makes including Porsche, Acura, Honda and Infiniti who rounded out the top five.

Chrysler finished in the same spot it did last year, last, with the 300 (V8) named its best model and Town & Country its worst.

For a complete list of the top 27, click here.