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Cox Automotive Canada Launches MUVIT Digital Auction Platform

Cox Automotive Canada announced the launch of MUVIT, a new Canadian dealer-to-dealer digital auction platform that connects buyers and sellers from anywhere, anytime.

Designed and developed in Canada and supported by PAVE, the industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) vehicle inspection technology, MUVIT enables vehicles to be posted for sale within minutes. Through MUVIT, it’s never been easier to connect to expanded sales channels, data analytics and integrated solutions for online auctions.

“With the addition of MUVIT and its seamless integration with our existing and trusted Manheim, NextGear Capital, Ready Logistics and Kelley Blue Book brands, Cox Automotive is now able to deliver the most robust suite of services in the market,” said Jerome Dwight, vice-president, inventory and financial solutions, Cox Automotive Canada. “Regardless of dealership size or location, our clients now have another channel to efficiently find the right car or buyer at any time.”

As digital wholesale platforms continue to show growth in Canada, MUVIT’s ability to leverage Manheim’s trusted brand and physical auction services will now deliver a competitive advantage to all dealers and franchises. MUVIT offers thousands of vehicles from coast-to-coast with fresh, high-quality inventory added daily, sourced from dealers, OEMs and fleet portfolios, removing the barriers of digital arbitration with direct access to trusted Manheim services with the click of a button.

MUVIT and PAVE together provide a seamless inspection and listing process for online selling, and with automated damage detection, a guided workflow for easy and quick image capture and click-to-list capabilities, MUVIT creates a consistent experience on every vehicle so dealers can buy and sell more vehicles with confidence.

Backed by Manheim’s integrated solutions and 70-plus years of expertise, MUVIT allows dealers to quickly find the vehicles they are searching for, purchase, finance, and order transport seamlessly—all in one transaction and available 24/7.

Key MUVIT advantages for buyers include:

Key MUVIT advantages for sellers include: