Cox Automotive To Bring Kelley Blue Book To Canada


At the second-annual Automotive Conference and Expo, Cox Automotive Canada announced it will be bringing to its Canada clients Kelly Blue Book later this year.

Kelley Blue Book has been providing car pricing and valuation information to American dealers since 1926. The comprehensive and up-to-date data will now be available to Canadian new and used vehicle dealers.

“For the last several years, we have been continuing to enhance our product offerings here in Canada and based on what the needs are of our clients, we saw Kelley Blue Book as an opportunity to enhance our many product and service offerings to our Canadian clients,” said Maria Soklis, president of Cox Automotive Canada. “Kelly Blue Book has been a strong brand for Cox Automotive globally and we felt it was the right time to bring it to Canada.”

Soklis added that Kelley Blue Book already has strong brand awareness in Canada for the quality of its data and “it is a solution that integrates well with our current set of products and services. The information it provides is highly trusted and it will empower our clients so as to help them thrive in what is today a very rapidly changing [vehicle buying] marketplace.”

Kelly Blue Book provides market value pricing for both new and used vehicles, based on actual vehicle transactions for what people are paying for a vehicle. Those valuations are regularly changed to reflect changing market conditions. For new vehicles Kelley Blue Book provides both MSRP and dealer invoice pricing and for used vehicles it provides up-to-date retail value, auction value, trade-in values, and private party values.

As part of the Kelley Blue Book announcement Cox Automotive Canada will be replacing its Manheim Market Report with the data now to be provided by Kelley Blue Book and Canadian data gathered by Cox Automotive.