Dealer-FX, Tire Profiles Integrate TreadSpec, Groove Glove Into ONE Platform


Dealer-FX announced the integration of TreadSpec and Groove Glove into the ONE Platform suite of solutions.

TreadSpec is a VIN-based tire diagnostic system offered by Tire Profiles, a provider of tire diagnostic systems.

“With the integration of TreadSpec and Groove Glove, Dealer-FX ensures that every vehicle receives a complete write-up including tire alignment, tread depth, tire pressure, and rotation diagnostics at check-in,” said Gary Kalk, president and CEO of Dealer-FX. “We are committed to integrating with partners like Tire Profiles who provide the data that drives the best dealer and customer experience at every stage of service.”

When customers arrive at the dealership, they simply drive over TreadSpec when entering the service drive. TreadSpec will scan their license plate while important tire diagnostic information is automatically populated in Dealer-FX’s Advisor Check-In and Technician Inspection applications. From there, service advisors can have a more informed conversation with the customer regarding the condition of their tires. WithTreadSpec and Groove Glove integrated into ONE Platform, it extends its position as the most comprehensive and convenient service department experience solution available.

“Both TreadSpec and Groove Glove can be easily integrated into a dealer’s current service process and provide convenient tire condition data to predict when tires will need replacement or when the vehicle will need an alignment,” added Tire Profiles CEO, Dave Boyle. “Our partnership with Dealer-FX delivers a demonstrably higher level of convenience and efficiency for both dealers and their customers.”