DealerSocket Unveils Seven Innovations Within Its CRM at NADA


DealerSocket showcased seven new enhancements within its customer relationship management (CRM) software at NADA, in Las Vegas.

Some of the innovations on display at NADA include new texting capabilities, consumer privacy management updates, along with Facebook and OEM integrations that enable and power dealers to deepen relationships with their customers and prospects. DealerSocket also previewed new versions of its Desking tool and Desk Log solutions.

“The automotive business is all about relationships. DealerSocket wants to enable our dealers to build deep, meaningful relationships with their customers and prospects by creating configurable technologies that catalyze their unique brands,” said Darren Harris, executive vice-president and general manager of DealerSocket’s CRM. “DealerSocket’s latest innovations, which we’ll be premiering at our NADA booth, will help dealers create differentiating shopper experiences that result in time savings and lower costs for dealerships. Our CRM is launching several new great enhancements for NADA, once again proving that DealerSocket’s CRM is the best in the market.”

DealerSocket’s CRM enhancements are made to simplify and centralize customer interactions to create more positive sales experiences. The enhancements include:

Text-Enabled Website Integration: New sales engagement functionality enables dealership employees to initiate a text conversation with online shoppers from the dealer’s DealerFire website and continue it within DealerSocket’s CRM. A customizable text module sits within the dealer’s websites, prompting consumers to submit inquiries over a text message. Real-time integration and automated text opt-in push the request from the website to the CRM as a response-ready lead. DealerSocket’s CRM has a built-in texting solution that gives dealers the ability to track, audit, and manage these text conversations alongside all other sales activities, and use its marketing outreach and automation tools to convert that conversation to a sale.

One-Stop Consumer Privacy Management: New capabilities, including the ability to instantly stop third-party data-sharing, have been added to an existing suite of functionality that provides communication channel customization, global unsubscribe, and database removal – all accessible from one screen within the CRM.

Facebook Advertising Integration: A new marketing feature within DealerSocket’s CRM uses customer intelligence to optimize Facebook advertising spend. As customers and prospects interact with the dealership via DealerSocket’s CRM, automated updates inform Facebook campaign audiences, ensuring targeted ads are served to the right people at optimal times during the purchasing lifecycle, while providing consistency with the dealer’s collective marketing strategies.

Nissan NCAR and Infiniti ICAR-X Integration: DealerSocket’s CRM now connects to the Nissan NCAR and Infiniti ICAR-X apps to help retail staff save time and improve customer experiences. The apps push and pull data from the CRM, enabling dealership employees to edit customer details, update vehicle information, add new customers, and search for existing contacts without duplicate work between their app and CRM.

All-New Desking: DealerSocket’s new Desking now works in conjunction with the company’s Precise Price Digital Retailing to break down cost barriers between salespeople and vehicle shoppers. DealerSocket’s CRM acts as the intelligence hub, centralizing the shopper journey and empowering dealers with complete control over the purchasing process.

Desk Log Upgrade: Built within DealerSocket’s CRM, a new Desk Log tool will provide comprehensive appointment management capabilities within a modern interface, leading to better management of in-store customers.