Dilawri Group Launches Dilawri Anywhere 2.0 At Audi Thornhill


Dilawri Group of Companies announced the launch of Dilawri Anywhere 2.0, a service that enables customers to enjoy a unique and seamless online and offline shopping experience by digitising and fully integrating the automotive purchase process.

Dilawri Anywhere 2.0 is meant to deliver a complete omni-channel experience where customers can connect through live video, chat, SMS text, email, phone and in-dealership. Customers can engage remotely with Online Experience Specialists at the dealership to explore inventory options and collaborate in a personalized purchase experience, ensuring any applicable rebates and programs are applied. The resulting purchase terms are pushed online to the customer’s My Garage account in real time for convenient access anywhere and at any time.

“Working in collaboration with a customer remotely or in-person, we are able to provide an enhanced customer experience and identify any additional rebates and programs for which a customer may qualify. When we integrate these benefits into the customer’s deal structure, the purchase terms in the customer’s account are updated dynamically in real time and this information is always available at the customer’s fingertips,” stated co-founder Kap Dilawri.