Enterprise launches rent-an-exotic program in Canada


Enterprise Rent-A-Car has an idea to add a little pizzazz to a corporate event or to help a dealer who needs a premium courtesy car: the rental car company is bringing its Exotic Car Collection to Canada.

“The Exotic Car Collection features one of the largest selections of premium, high-end rental vehicles from some of the world's top manufacturers,” the company says in a release, which promises exotics like Maseratis along with luxury cars such as Jags and Mercedes.

Enterprise says it’s on a roll, having opened locations in Texas, Washington, D.C., Tennessee and Arizona and now its first in Toronto.

“This rapid growth is evidence of the strong demand we continue to see for luxury rentals,” said Brice Adamson, the senior vice-president at Enterprise. Adamson oversees the Exotic Car Collection.

“We now have nearly 30 branches in operation … including our first Canadian location.”

Adamson says customers will pay daily rental rates starting at $175 a day for a variety of reasons.

“People who want to add a special touch to a big event, to travellers who want to enjoy their vacation in style, to business executives entertaining clients.”

He says movie studios looking to rent premium vehicles for use in film production, insurance companies and dealerships whose customers have their high-end personal vehicles in the shop for repair are likely customers.

Enterprise says its customers receive treatment as luxurious as the cars they drive, including delivery and a “streamlined reservation process designated exclusively for Exotic Collection rentals.”

Customers enjoy a dedicated phone line – 1-866-4-LUX-CAR – and contact process through the Exotic Car Collection website. All separate from the daily rental process.

A visit to the Exotic Car Collection website reveals a collection of high-end cars such as a BMW 5281, a Porsche Panamera and an Audi Q5, but no Maseratis.

Steven Tudela, Enterprise Holding’s GM, insists that inventory turns throughout the year. The nameplates on offer may vary, he says, but they will all be low mileage with none older than two years.

Tudela went on to say that the branch’s location in Etobicoke is accessible, but valet delivery means that most customers will never see the lot.

As for the showroom, there is no physical one. It’s online.

When it comes to rental numbers, he declined to share them.

“Our only goal is to focus on great service and 100 per cent satisfaction and create repeat customers.”

The branch is open for business, but an official opening will be coming soon.