FLO Announces New Ultra-Fast Chargers


FLO has announced the introduction of FLO Ultra, an ultra-fast charger.

“EV demand and sales are topping all industry expectations and are now forecasted to exceed more than 45 per cent of U.S. light duty vehicle sales by 2030,” said Nathan Yang, FLO chief product officer. “As new EV drivers hit the road, they will be looking for fast charging that is safe, accessible, convenient, intuitive and reliable. This is why we designed FLO Ultra – to provide the ultimate EV charging experience.”

The FLO Ultra charger features two high-powered charging ports in one rugged aluminum enclosure. It will charge most EVs to 80 per cent in 15 minutes with up to 320 kW available using dynamic power sharing and up to 500 kW with multiple electric vehicle charging stations connected together.

These level 3 EV chargers can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing for flexible parking options for drivers and easier installation for site hosts.
“FLO Ultra’s flexible and modular design accommodates charging on one or on both sides and parallel or pull-in parking for charging,” said Yang.

The FLO Ultra charger has a low-horizontal profile while its highly visible illuminated canopies make it easy to locate. State-of-charge indicators quickly let drivers know if the DC fast charging station is available for immediate use. The new charger also features a patent-pending, motorized cable management system. This system keeps cables off the ground while the extended reach allows for charging regardless of vehicle port placement. Most importantly, the motorized system makes the cables feel lighter and easier to maneuver, reducing strain on users.

Additionally, the FLO Ultra charging station is equipped with an independent color touchscreen display for each charging port and supports flexible and secure payment options for quick and easy transactions.