Genesis Retail Experience Opens in London


North America’s first Genesis Retail Experience Centre has opened its doors in London, Ontario.

Genesis Retail Experience Centres will provide consumers with access to a fulsome omni-channel experience, allowing them to freely transition between online and in-person services based on their preference. All transactions will continue to be completed online and the Genesis at Home suite of services, from at-home test drives to valet service, will remain available.

Genesis currently has seven additional Retail Experience Centres in construction across the country, with all 30 Genesis distributors in Canada planning to build retail centres in the next several years.

“Customer experience has always been our top priority and served as the foundation of the brand since its inception. We’re furthering this commitment by developing new facilities that give customers even greater control of their purchase and ownership experience,” said Lawrence Hamilton, executive director of Genesis Motors Canada. “We’re pleased to open our first Retail Experience Centre and provide customers with a new way to interact with our brand and products in their communities.”

To operate the new facility, Genesis Motors Canada is continuing its longstanding partnership with the Finch Auto Group, a well-established organization with more than 30 years of automotive experience in London and the surrounding area.

“We’re proud to open the first Genesis Retail Experience Centre and offer a unique, elevated experience to consumers,” said Hass Hijazi, managing partner of Genesis London. “As one of the first Genesis distributors in Canada, we’ve always shared the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience across every customer touchpoint. We look forward to welcoming guests into our facility and furthering Genesis’ presence in our community.”