Geotab and General Motors to In-Vehicle Driver Coaching for Safer Roads


Underpinning its continued commitment to increase driver safety, Geotab, announced that it has been working with General Motors (GM) Fleet and OnStar Business Solutions to provide an in-vehicle coaching service via the Geotab Integrated Solution for GM.

The new service is made to deliver real-time spoken alerts to help keep drivers’ eyes on the road, promoting good driving habits and helping achieve improved fleet safety.

The Driver Feedback (In-Vehicle Coaching) service is now included in the Geotab Integrated Solution for GM. The newly released Driver Feedback service is designed to trigger events via audible alerts delivered through the vehicle infotainment system when certain driving conditions are met. It provides insights into specific driving behaviors to help create awareness and encourage safe driving habits by coaching drivers in real-time. Most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models 2015 or newer, equipped with compatible OnStar can get access to this feature with activation of ‘GM Premium+Driver Feedback’ plan. With no additional hardware required, the solution is immediately available in the U.S.

“At GM, we believe that protecting our customers is of utmost importance, which is why we are continuing to advance the available safety features in our lineup to help drivers prevent collisions,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice-president of General Motors Fleet. “By integrating Geotab’s proven driver coaching service into our vehicles, we are helping our fleet customers by providing real-time verbal feedback to their drivers to keep themselves and others safe, while also mitigating costly collisions. This service allows us to help drivers stay focused on the task at hand while setting our fleet solutions apart from others in-market.”

The integrated Driver Feedback solution allows fleets and operations professionals to encourage safer driving and help reduce accidents with real-time driver behavior coaching.

“Real-time feedback is critical to helping make drivers more conscious when they are behind the wheel, and driver coaching through spoken-word notifications elevates safety by providing drivers with alerts that allow them to keep their eyes on the road,” said Sherry Calkins, vice-president, connected car at Geotab. “From verbally alerting the driver of an unlatched seat belt to coaching the driver once aggressive driving or speeding is detected, the Geotab integrated solution for GM is setting higher standards for driver safety among their fleet customers.”