Honda Canada Launches All-New Corporate Website


Honda Canada announced the official launch of an all-new corporate website. The new site will serve as a versatile tool to communicate the company’s corporate story and help reinforce Honda’s commitment to Canada.

Designed to create a space to communicate Honda’s Global 2030 Vision, the site now allows the brand to talk to Canadians about its past, present and future to share corporate philosophies and practices. Honda Canada has a rich history in manufacturing, environmental initiatives, innovation and social responsibility, and continues to participate in activities in these areas that drive the company to its 2030 goals.

“We’re excited to launch the new corporate site that will showcase the breadth of our environmental, manufacturing and philanthropic activities in Canada to a broader audience,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Honda Canada Inc. “Our corporate vision will shape the direction of our company and this website will chronicle our journey towards it.”