Honda Canada Launches Green Dealer Recognition Program


Honda Canada announced the launch of its new Green Dealer Recognition Program, designed to recognize dealers across the country who are taking a comprehensive approach to implementing environmentally-responsible business operations.

This initiative is part of a continued effort to support our vision of the future, Blue Skies for Our Children, offering future generations the ability to enjoy life in a sustainable society. By 2025, Honda Canada’s goal for the program to achieve $2.18M in energy reduction savings and 16,500 metric tons of CO2e per year; equivalent to the annual energy use of 3,864 homes, the carbon captured by 19,419 acres of forest each year, or the offset of 68.6 million kilometres driven by Honda vehicles annually.

The Green Dealer Recognition Program awards are presented to dealers who quantifiably reduce their environmental impact, beginning with a minimum 10 per cent reduction in total energy use at their dealerships. The program offers three achievement levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver-level dealers must achieve a 10 per cent reduction in total energy use, Gold-level requires dealers to achieve a 30 per cent energy reduction while Platinum-level requires a 50 per cent energy use reduction. Additional program prerequisites for award eligibility require dealerships to track monthly energy and water use, use programmable thermostats in all dealership space types, and implement a comprehensive recycling program. Dealers who are Electric Grid Neutral can automatically earn a Platinum award with the program.

To date, eight dealers have been awarded at the Silver-level:

  • Portland Street Honda – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Fundy Honda – Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Excel Honda – Mont-Royal, Quebec
  • Chagnon Honda – Granby, Quebec
  • Huntsville Honda – Huntsville, Ontario
  • Halton Honda – Burlington, Ontario
  • The Honda Way – Abbotsford, British Columbia
  • Surrey Honda – Surrey, British Columbia

Honda Canada uses Altura Associates, a third-party evaluator, to conduct environmental audits for participating dealers across the country, recommend strategies for reducing their energy use, and ensure performance levels are maintained.

“Honda Canada’s commitment to Canada has always included a focus on environmental consciousness throughout its 50 years in the country. Our sustainability strategy has been ingrained in all facets of our business operations including headquarters, manufacturing and our business partners,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, senior vice-president, sales and marketing, Honda Canada. “Naturally, our green strategy continues to innovate, and with our focus on a sustainable future, Honda Canada is pleased to provide dealers a supported opportunity to continue to make green strides in their dealerships. The Green Dealer Recognition Program is designed to support our brand, our dealers and their communities as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainability.”