Hyundai brings hydrogen fuel cell Tucson to Canada


The SUVs will be available to customers in the Vancouver area come 2015 at a cost of $599 a month for a three-year lease; the lease covers maintenance and refueling.

“We are looking for ordinary customers who would use it like they would a regular SUV. They have to get to work, get their kids to hockey and ballet,” Hyundai Auto Canada president Don Romano told the Vancouver Sun.

“But they will be someone who is willing to be a pioneer, to actually take on what it means to be driving a zero-emissions vehicle.”
The automaker chose to go west because that’s where the hydrogen refueling stations are. In fact, there is only one station that can fill the Tucson’s tank. It’s located in Surrey.

The automaker says the Tucson has a 426 km range and takes five minutes to tank up. It seats five.

The automaker explains how the fuel cell works.

An electrochemical process combines oxygen and hydrogen in the fuel cell stack (a powertrain with no moving parts) to generate electricity and water.

The electricity supplies power to an electric motor that turns the wheels while the battery stores the power for when it’s needed.

There’s no combustion and no moving parts.

The only emission is water vapour.

And when service time rolls around, Hyundai promises to pick up the Tucson and leave a courtesy hybrid.