Hyundai Canada Donates To Sun Youth Organization To Help Educational Programs


Hyundai Canada announced a donation of $50,000 to the Sun Youth Organization to support underprivileged youth in the Greater Montreal area.

Hyundai Canada’s donation made in March of this year was used to support tutoring programs for youth at-risk, notably through the procurement of equipment such as laptops; a projector and screen; office chairs; rolling tables, a printer; rolling whiteboards; partial salary for a coordinator, and basic school supplies.

The Sun Youth Organization has been a cornerstone of the Montreal non-profit community since 1954, by providing individuals and families with services that ensure their basic needs and maintain their integrity. While the Sun Youth Organization has a wide range of initiatives, Hyundai Canada is proud to support the particular area of fostering the social and intellectual development of youth. In Montreal’s most vulnerable communities, 40 per cent of the population are in the youth demographic.

“Hyundai’s shared priorities with Sun Youth – specifically preventing exclusion – allowed us to realize our vison for improving the quality of life for youth that can last a lifetime,” said Kirk Merrett, director of human resources and administration at Hyundai Canada. “Everyone should have equal opportunity to thrive academically, and we are honoured to assist in removing some barriers to this through our donation to the Sun Youth Organization.”

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Sun Youth Organization has had to pause tutoring, sports and recreation activities, taking every precaution necessary to keep youth safe. In these challenging times, youth from disadvantaged families have needed tutoring services, sports and recreation activities more than ever. The Sun Youth Organization has allocated the funds from Hyundai Canada to go towards the tutoring program for laptops, materials and other resources to help children cope with school closures.