INFINITI Canada Launches “INFINITI Now”


INFINITI announced the launch of its ”INFINITI Now” program, meant to provide both existing and new INFINITI customers contactless test-drives and home delivery options when purchasing an INFINITI vehicle.

From vehicle browsing at home, to signing the dotted line at delivery, INFINITI Now allows customers to customize the entire new vehicle shopping process to their convenience and needs.  As part of this program, customers are able to shop online and also register for INFINITI’s new contactless test drive program with the participating dealership1 of their choice. For both scenarios, INFINITI Now provides a one-on-one, personal digital shopping tool designed to connect customers directly with INFINITI retailers. Retailers will help INFINITI customers with everything from browsing and learning about the line-up, to scheduling a test drive and getting their financing in order.

“Scouting for, and securing a new vehicle these days is different than it was a few months ago. At INFINITI, we saw this as an opportunity to make the customer experience more seamless for everyone involved,” said Jennifer Dobbs, senior manager of marketing communications, INFINITI Canada. “INFINITI Now enhances the ownership and shopping experience by providing consumers with all their options upfront, and using digital tools that will allow them to navigate in total confidence. INFINITI Now is designed to be intuitive first and foremost, so that existing and new INFINITI customers can access our contactless test drive program and shop online with ease.”

Understanding that vehicle shopping is still very much a sensory, hands-on experience, INFINITI offers contactless test drives as part of the INFINITI Now program. Customers can explore vehicles online, and arrange for a test drive at a dealership, or by getting a vehicle dropped off to a location of their choosing – all done without coming in contact with anyone.

“INFINITI’s inception 30 years ago was founded with the goal to be a brand which placed greater importance on delivering a personal and rewarding driving and ownership experience than any other premium car maker. We are proud to offer our customers INFINITI Now in 2020, continuing that brand ethos,” said Dobbs. “Customer satisfaction includes new factors in the current context – safety being a top priority – and we want INFINITI customers to feel comfortable whether they decide to stay home, or go to the dealerships. With limited contact and enhanced vehicle cleaning, INFINITI is taking extra steps so that customers can relax, and enjoy the drive.”