Karine Vanasse Becomes Nissan’s Spokesperson In Quebec


Today, Nissan Canada announces that Karine Vanasse will be the brand’s official spokesperson in Quebec. With this, the Quebec-based actress, who served until recently as the ambassador for the 2021 Nissan Rogue, is continuing her relationship with Nissan.

This marks the first time Nissan will join forces with a spokesperson in Quebec. “We are very proud to pursue our collaboration with Karine,” noted Adam Paterson, director of marketing at Nissan Canada. “Karine shares the brand’s values such as confidence, modern styling and accessible innovation. We discovered these shared values at the time of Karine’s first and successfully concluded stint as ambassador for the 2021 Nissan Rogue. Thus, it was only natural to continue down the same road. We also want to keep connecting with Quebeckers, and Karine is the best person to support us in this endeavor.”

“Being an ambassador for the 2021 Nissan Rogue was a new and enriching experience for me,” said Karine Vanasse. “I am honoured to be the brand’s first spokesperson in Quebec. I am looking forward to this challenge, while continuing to shine the spotlight on Nissan in Quebec.”

In addition to public relations commitments, Karine’s social media presence will also take center stage. As such, she will be publishing content that highlights 2021, a year to “Rediscover Nissan”.

Various topics will be rolled out to promote new and upcoming vehicles, in order to support Quebeckers in all their travels and introduce them to new technologies and innovations.

To kick off her role as spokesperson, Karine will participate in an advertising campaign developed by the agency TamTam\TBWA under the first theme, “Rediscover Our World”honoring the roadways of Quebec. Other rediscovery themes will be revealed throughout the year.