Kijiji Autos Study Reveals How Dealers Can Win Business Across Broader Buyer Segments


With the multitude of ways for Canadians to explore and shop for cars, it’s important to be able to meet customers directly where they are: online. To help dealers accelerate their business, increase sales and connect with various customer segments, Kijiji Autos has launched a new study in partnership with BrandSpark International. Different buyers have different needs and Kijiji Autos is helping dealers connect with three distinctly different buyer segments: those considering both dealer and private seller options, younger shoppers and high-end buyers.

Across the three different demographics, there is one clear commonality: the quality of the online dealership experience plays a critical role in driving sales. According to the recent study commissioned by Kijiji Autos, about 67 per cent of car buyers considering both dealer and private seller options start their online journey at a vehicle marketplace, and 66 per cent of 18-to-34 year olds start their vehicle search at an online vehicle marketplace or through a search engine.

“Canadians are continuing to shop online, for both everyday needs and high-priced items like cars, with no signs of this trend slowing down,” said Leanne Kripp, head of Autos, Kijiji. “This study shows the importance of dealers adapting to digital retailing so that they can meet their customers online and stay relevant.”

The key takeaways per segment include:

  • Buyers considering dealer and private seller options: Investing time in online marketing should be a priority, as 40 per cent of this segment would consider purchasing online without going into a dealership.
  • Younger Shoppers: A virtual shopping experience is paramount, especially when shopping for new vehicles.
  • High-End Buyers: Bolstering a digital offering is critical, as this is the segment most willing to bypass the dealership altogether, with 32 per cent of the audience ruling out dealerships because of their website.