Kitchener Honda Gives Away Free Car


Kitchener Honda announced they would be giving away a vehicle to someone in need and deserving.

“We cherish the community deeply,” said Kitchener Honda’s general manager, Everet Chan. “We are committed to serving and helping our community. We understand the last year has been difficult for people, and we want to help by giving away a vehicle to someone in need and deserving.”

In order to qualify for the vehicle giveaway, contestants needed to send an email nominating themselves or someone else, explaining why he or she deserves and needs a vehicle.

“We received over 250 nominations and as much as we wish we could help everyone; it still feels great to know that this act of kindness will help this winner in more ways than we may have thought,” said Chan. “This is just one of the many efforts we are taking to give back to our community. We are donating equipment to local schools, giving away gift cards to local grocery stores, hair salons, local restaurants and hiring local companies. The important thing is that we are supporting the local community, businesses and people through these hard times that COVID-19 has brought to the community.”