LendingArch Reaches Milestone In Canada


LendingArch announced the signing of its 500th auto dealership within its Auto Loan Leads Division.

With more and more people shopping for goods and services online, and due to the pandemics’ natural effect on consumer behavior, LendingArch has had the role of supporting many dealerships during the past 18 months, providing consumer leads to dealerships, for Canadians looking to purchase and finance a vehicle.

“We are one of the premier destinations for auto finance leads in Canada for auto and car dealerships nationwide, and we have become specialists at delivering a real time, high intent lead to a car dealership.” said Farhad Nabian, the companies ead of its Auto Loan Division. “We excel at customer service, exclusive leads, real time delivery and high customer intent, driven by our tightly controlled advertising standards.”

“During a time when customers are unable to walk into a dealership without some level of provincial restrictions, or just due to them not wanting to physically search for a vehicle due to the current health concerns, LendingArch has seen its online platform act as a conduit between the consumer looking for a vehicle and hundreds of dealer partners Nationwide.” added Farhad. “We match the consumer with the appropriate dealer in their area for their highest chance of success getting approved, saving them the time and energy of having to shop around endlessly for financing.”

LendingArch’s platform is free to use for consumers nationwide. Anyone can apply for a loan through LendingArch, at no cost. LendingArch currently services over 400,000 Canadians and over 15,000 new Canadians sign up for LendingArch’s services every month. LendingArch has also recently launched into the United States and Australia, providing similar services to residents in those countries.

As a digital provider, the platform is also helping applicants maintain social distancing. Consumers will be able to use LendingArch’s contact-free service to apply for loans or debt relief services without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes, allowing consumers to obtain what they need, without having to step foot in a bank, office building, storefront, loan shop or similar, and all loans or services that you apply for through LendingArch will be processed digitally. Those applying for auto loans can even have the vehicle delivered directly to their homes in certain Provinces.