Lexus Canada recalls certain LS models


Lexus Canada announced Friday it will conduct a voluntary safety recall on roughly 140 Lexus LS vehicles in Canada equipped with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS).

The recall is to address a temporary steering wheel off-center condition that may develop under a specific driving maneuver but not during normal driving conditions.  

Affected models are from late 2009 and certain 2010 model year units.

“The VGRS system enables easier handling during low-speed driving and provides better stability during high-speed driving than conventional steering by changing the gear ratio,” the company said in a release last week. 

“The VGRS system may exhibit a temporary steering wheel off-center condition after driving away quickly from a very tight turn where the steering was at full lock position.”

According to Lexus Canada, the steering wheel off-center position will automatically be corrected in approximately five seconds by the VGRS system as the vehicle is driven.  

The driver may notice the system auto correcting as the steering wheel slowly moves to the center position while driving straight during the VGRS correction. 

“Due to the specific driving circumstances, this condition will not occur during normal driving such as changing lanes or turning at intersections,” the company added.

Lexus Canada has not received any Canadian reports of this condition and no accidents or injuries have been reported related to this issue.  

“For 20 years, Lexus has made customer safety and satisfaction its highest priorities. Lexus Canada is taking all necessary steps to address customer concerns quickly and efficiently.”

Initial notifications will be mailed to owners of the involved vehicles beginning in early June. As soon as replacement parts are available, Lexus Canada will send a second notification letter by first class mail, advising owners to bring their vehicle to a Lexus dealer to have the Steering Control computer replaced with a newly designed one at no charge.