London Hydro Customers Participate in Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot


In early 2020, London Hydro collaborated with Elocity, a Toronto-based company focused on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles through smart and intuitive technology, to launch an electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot. The pilot provided participants with Elocity’s EVPlug and a London Hydro-developed mobile app to help them monitor and manage the electricity consumption of their vehicle.

The London project focused on much-needed innovation in the electric vehicle charging space around accessible information. Data privacy and security were ensured by integrating EVPlug with London Hydro’s Green Button Platform.

The mobile app used the real-time data captured by the EVPlug to provide participating customers with on/off control, estimated cost per charging session, expected mileage per charge for better planning, and reports on historical charging sessions.

EVPlug technology gave London Hydro a better understanding of customer charging time, behaviour, the ability to see the impact of charging loads, and the role of incentives in shifting charging demand to off-peak time.

“Our EVPlug provides valuable information on the electricity demand of an electric vehicle,” said Sanjeev Singh, founder and CEO of Elocity. “This pilot provided us with important insight into how our EVPlug can help electric vehicle owners and utilities manage charging habits.”

“Our customers who participated in this pilot helped us demonstrate the value of real-time monitoring and controlling of EV charging for vehicle owners and the utility,” says Syed Mir, VP of corporate services and CIO of London Hydro. “Our work with Elocity is an example of how we’re always looking for opportunities to leverage and develop new technologies that better serve our customers.”

London Hydro customers who participated in the pilot will continue to use their EVPlug and benefit from the additional information provided through their mobile app.

This project was supported by the Ontario Government’s Smart Grid Fund, which encourages the development of cutting-edge technologies to modernize Ontario’s electricity distribution grids and give customers more choice and control over their power use.