Magna’s Surround View System Launches on All-New Toyota Tundra


Magna’s next generation Surround View System is making an appearance on the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is fitted with Magna’s complete surround view system including five cameras and an advanced electronic control unit to provide a high-resolution view around the vehicle and assist the driver in various situations. Data is fused from the cameras and the system can render a seamlessly stitched, ‘fly-around’ 3D image of the vehicle and its environment upon start-up. This feature gives the driver a holistic view of the surroundings and greater reassurance when maneuvering the vehicle.

Magna’s advanced trailer assist and off-road functions have also launched for the first time as part of the system, including:

  • Trailer Guidance, a semi-automated function that helps a driver back a trailer into its desired location, which is particularly useful when backing into tight spaces.
  • An automatic, one-time calibration of the trailer hitch to help simplify setup and allow for quicker swapping between various trailers.
  • Multi-terrain view that allows drivers to customize their view between bird’s eye, front, side and rear – enhancing visibility from different angles.
  • A unique “see-through hood” feature that enables drivers to see under the front hood of the vehicle – supporting them in off-road conditions and helping to avoid rocks or other obstacles while offroad.

“We’re proud to be launching one of our most advanced vision systems that provides truck and trailer consumers with enhanced levels of comfort, safety and peace of mind,” said Sharath Reddy, Magna Electronics senior vice-president. “Trailering can be a challenging task and with this intuitive system, consumers can feel safer and more confident in maneuvering the vehicle, whatever they’re hauling.”