Merchant Law Group launches Takata class action


CALGARY, ALTA. – The latest in a slew of legal issues against the Takata Corporation has been launched in Canadian courts.

The Merchant Law Group says its Canada-wide class action against the airbag company and its subsidiaries seeks financial compensation for all Canadians whose vehicles may contain defective airbags.

Over 8 million vehicles have been recalled in the U.S. and an estimated 400,000 have been recalled in Canada.

“This class action seeks Canada-wide compensation for vehicle owners against Takata in relation to its defective and dangerous airbags,” said Tony Merchant. “Hiding safety information as alleged in this litigation has no part of responsible corporate behavior.”

The ever-evolving ordeal has seen at least seven automakers begin investigations as to why inflators in certain air bags from the Japanese supplier can explode with excessive force and fire shrapnel into the vehicle causing serious injury.

An exact cause of the problem has not been identified despite years of recalls.

Toyota and Honda have already said they would seek an independent engineering firm and share the results with cooperating automakers General Motors, Nissan, Subaru, Chrysler and Ford.

According to published reports, some of the biggest recalls have been limited to high-humidity areas in the Southern U.S., plus Hawaii.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said prolonged exposure to airborne moisture can cause the inflator propellant to burn faster than designed causing ruptures in the metal inflator canisters.

At least five deaths worldwide have been blamed on the problem.

Merchant Law Group LLP has 12 offices across Canada and is well known for involvement in mass tort and class action cases in Canada. Successful class action lawsuits include Toyota sudden acceleration, Honda Civic tires and Maple Leaf Foods.

Merchant Law Group launched national class action lawsuits against Takata Corporation on Dec. 1 in Ontario and Dec. 4 in Saskatchewan.