Mitsubishi To Offer Dealer Incentive Program For Its Outlander PHEV


Following the federal government’s announcement that incentives will be granted on plug-in hybrids, Mitsubishi Motors is now offering a $2,500 dealer incentive program across the country on model year 2018 Outlander PHEV including Quebec and B.C. where there are existing provincial incentives, until the federal incentive comes into effect on May 1, 2019.

The government incentive will apply to all price lines for model year 2019 and 2018 models across the country.

Since Outlander PHEV entered the marketplace, the plug-in hybrid segment more than doubled from 9,692 plug-ins sold in 2017 to 21,603 sold in 2018. Outlander PHEV accounts for about one in four plug-in hybrids sold in 2018. It is the first plug-in hybrid in the country to reach 5,000 plug-in sales for 2018.

“Mitsubishi Motors applauds the federal government for recognizing the role plug-in hybrids play in growing EV adoption. Outlander plug-in hybrid (PHEV) has proven to be an important vehicle for the electrified vehicle segment as the first affordable plug-in hybrid SUV in a market where the appetite for SUVs show no signs of slowing down,” said Juyu Jeon, president and CEO, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada.  “Our research shows Outlander PHEV has brought new customers into the EV and PHEV category who had not considered an electrified vehicle before and that is game-changing.”

“[Canadian research has shown that] plug-in hybrids greatly expand the number of car buyers who buy Zero Emission Vehicles. Plug-in hybrid owners can use their battery for most-to-all of their city driving, and can still fuel up at Canada’s roughly-12,000 gas stations for road trips. This is important in North America, because unlike Europe, we have a road trip culture. We also prefer larger vehicles, for which plug-in hybrids remain a more affordable option than battery-electric vehicles.” said Matthew Klippenstein,