NFTouch technology takes the paper out of dealerships


George Dion wants to revolutionize the way a dealership goes about its business, which is why he created the Future Retail Group and its core product NFTouch.

NFTouch works with near-field communication (NFC) to deliver targeted messages to dealership visitors to turn them from shoppers into buyers.

“NFC uses proximity to other mobile devices or tags to transfer information between them,” explains Dion, CEO of the Future Retail Group.

Dion, an award-winning designer, started in automotive booth design in the ‘80s when he began to explore other alternatives for auto retailers to deliver their messages to consumers.

A year ago, he says Volkswagen Canada approached him and asked him to look into a new way for dealerships to deliver their messages to visitors in an unobtrusive and cost-effective method.

One goal was to cut out printed brochures completely.

This lead Dion to develop NFTouch, a kiosk system that delivers dealership and brand information, provides brochures about specific models, uploads coupon specials, lets the customer book test drives, and service and appraisal appointments right from their smartphones or tablets.

NFTouch works with pull technology.

No push, only pull. NFTouch developer George Dion says NFTouch lets the customer upload product information and specials as well as book test drives, service and appraisal appointments simply by touching the kiosk with their mobile device.

The master stand or Digital Wheel Stand allows the sales manager to instantly change vehicle prices and offers.

There is also an After-Hours kiosk, which sits inside the dealership window appealing to customers when the dealership is closed.

The packages start from around $12,000 and are leased over a set term.

Delivery and installation are within 60 days of ordering.

The immediate ROI is that the dealership saves on printed material and improves its ability to track showroom traffic for the long-term and ongoing ROI.

The technology can track the number of mobile devices that come near the kiosk and how many actually engage with the kiosk – what Dion calls “lookers” and “tappers,” respectively.

The information is uploaded in real time and the digital reports are generated minute by minute in whatever cycle the dealership wants – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

NFTouch is in use at several dealerships including Peninsula Imports, Leggat Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC in Burlington and Volvo of Oakville, Ont.

For more information, contact George Dion, 905-332-2763 or