Nissan Canada and Karine Vanasse to Continue Partnership for the Next Three Years


Nissan Canada announced that they have extended their agreement with Quebec actress Karine Vanasse to be the brand’s spokesperson in Quebec for the next three years.

Appointed as ambassador for the Rogue in 2020, and as spokesperson for Nissan in Quebec in 2021, Karine’s partnership with Nissan Canada is firmly established among Quebecers. Karine brings her style, energy and confidence to Nissan. This led Nissan Canada to call upon Karine again to shoot an action film campaign.

“Quebec is an important market for Nissan, and this partnership demonstrates our commitment to standing out and remaining close to Quebecers’ hearts. In renewing our collaboration with Karine, we are continuing to create relevant communication campaigns while maintaining the relationship created between Nissan, Karine and Quebecers. Additionally, Karine represents our shared values of trust, modernity, boldness, innovation and accessibility”, explained Ken Hearn, director of Marketing at Nissan Canada.

“I am proud to act as a spokesperson for Nissan Canada in Quebec. For more than a year and a half, I have had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the new Rogue and the all-new Nissan Z, among many other of the brand’s models. I also had the pleasure of participating in 100% Quebec advertising productions, each one more exciting than the other, including the latest Thrill campaign, which was an emotional experience!”, said Vanasse.