Nissan going retro


Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, said the company is digging into the vault and reintroducing the brand that helped launch the automaker in foreign markets decades ago.

“Datsun is part of the heritage of the company. Why do I want to do something new if I can use the heritage of Nissan, which is long? Datsun is a good name,” he said during a press conference this week.

The move, he said, has been prepared for within the company’s Power 88 plan for global growth and development. Specifically, the Datsun brand relates to Nissan’s idea of offering “mobility for all.”

“What we want to offer is a modern, affordable car—something that people will be very happy to own, a product that is generous, giving them exactly what they want, and at an affordable price,” he said.

Early indicators have the Datsun positioned as an ultra-low cost vehicle supporting a global brand. Aimed at emerging markets like India and Russian, Ghosn he doesn’t want a product that fits all needs because every market has its own specific incentives to encourage popular transportation.

“That’s why we’re going to very pragmatic and region by region and country we’re going to make decisions based on the a product which we will fit to each market.”

Specific prices have not been released as markets and taxation vary. Nissan has revealed the price range is going to be in a segment of the market where it usually doesn’t compete.
“Our objective is to make sure that the person who today has a motorcycle or a used-car and wants to buy a new car is going to consider Datsun. Today, we are not in the game.”