Nissan looks to shake up commercial sales segment


By Drew Singer

Nissan Canada has decided to take a swipe at the commercial marketplace with the introduction of the 2013 NV200 commercial cargo. The aim is simple: dethrone the Ford Transit Connect as commercial king through two primary means: cost and versatility. With an entry point of $21,998, NV200 will already undercut the 2013 Transit Connect by $3,601.

When it comes to the versatility, Jean-Luc Lemire, director sales operations Nissan Canada, said it’s the size of NV200 that will make it more desirable.

“With this vehicle, even with a rack or ladder on, it can still get below a lot of the buildings around Toronto, which is key,” he said. “We are going to make a big difference with a vehicle that is very versatile… We think we’re going hit it right on the head.”

The vehicle will be sold and serviced through the 44 NCV (Nissan commercial vehicle) dealerships located across Canada, with a sales date pegged for early April.

Lemire said that while NV200 shares parts with vehicles already on Nissan lots and that all dealers would have basic vehicle knowledge, NCV dealers have unique NV200 training and would be in the best position to service the vehicle.

Mike Colleran, regional vice-president sales operations Nissan Canada, said that while NV200 is Nissan Canada’s first foray into the new marketplace, Nissan is confident the product is a viable contender.

“We are very optimistic. We’ve got a great entry, great fuel economy and great pricing so I think we will get more than our fair share of that segment.”