OMVIC Releases Comprehensive Guidelines For Dealerships To Reopen


On May 1st, the Ontario government announced that some businesses including auto dealerships in the province could reopen on May 4th (by appointment only) provided they comply with strict public health measures and operate safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following the announcement, OMVIC created an in-depth COVID-19 Crisis Guidelines: Guidelines for Dealership Sales Operations based on consultations with consumer advocacy groups, trade associations and specific questions received from registrants.

The guidelines are built on the recommendations made by the province and Ontario’s public health agencies. Its purpose is to ensure auto dealerships can continue their daily operations while ensuring their employees, customers and public are protected.

The 14-page guidelines include: an overview of the COVID-19 crisis, dealership operations, vehicle, and premises sanitization checklists; tips for day-to-day administration; best practices during touchless test drives and more.

The guidelines also have resources such as measures needed to ensure physical distancing, use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and other practices that need to be considered when auto dealerships conduct business with both, the customers as well as their staff.

OMIVC added that the guidelines, tips, measures, checklists, and recommendations were created to assist dealers/salespeople and are not legal documents. Dealers/salespeople are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice. The guidelines should not be considered as a guarantee to prevent the spread and/or infection of COVID-19, nor should they be construed as a legal opinion.