Ontario Government Asks Court To Toss Tesla Lawsuit


Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is asking the province’s Superior Court to toss out a petition filed by Tesla Motors Canada, the Canadian arm of Tesla Inc., claiming it was being treated unfairly when the government cancelled its electric vehicle rebate program.

In its original application for judicial review, Tesla Canada said the decision by Ontario’s newly elected government to cancel the rebate program in July left many of its customers no longer eligible for the rebates they expected to get when they ordered their vehicles from Tesla.

In their filing, Tesla Canada claimed that the decision “inflicted substantial harm” and created an impression that Tesla was being singled out for “future arbitrary treatment under the law.” It is asking that the court end the government’s move.

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation said that the court challenge has no merit and that the decision by the government to end the rebate program is not reviewable by the court and it cannot end the government’s decision.