Oshawa Assembly Adds a Second Shift


Just two months after the first Chevrolet Silverado rolled off the line at the reopened Oshawa Plant, the second shift production has begun. In November, GM announced the hiring and training of 1,800 new jobs to support two-shifts of production and the plant continues its launch acceleration.  For the first time in the plant’s history, over half of Oshawa’s new production hires are women, helping to achieve GM’s commitment to be the most inclusive company in the world.

“Adding a second shift of truck production so quickly after launch continues Oshawa’s long history of speed and agility and helps GM meet strong customer demand for its largest and most important market segment,” said Scott Bell, GM Canada president and managing director. “And with a new, diverse workforce that includes more women in production roles, the impact of an inclusive culture is immediately noticeable the moment you step inside the plant.”