Panamera wins interior award


By Liam Orlita

Ward’s AutoWorld announced its interior design awards earlier this week, giving top spot to the Porsche Panamera.

“This year’s winners show style and original design is becoming as important inside the vehicle as it already is to the sheet metal outside” said Drew Winter, editor-in-chief of Ward’s AutoWorld.

The industry magazine’s editors looked at 40 vehicles with new interiors or ones that were “significantly upgraded.” Among the entrants, the Panamera’s interior  won for the most “inspired design.”

Porsche says the new four-door’s interior was inspired by its Carrera GT and that its “new design language” will be featured in the Porsche Cayenne and the new 918 Spyder concept.
Since going on sale in Canada last October, the Panamera has been a success for the German automaker. Over 75 have been sold in Canada to date this year. Sales are expected to grow this summer as the luxury manufacturer introduces a V6, 300-hp engine and rear or all-wheel drive version in a few months summer.