Partnership for an electric future


Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., and The Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc. (TEPCO), have formally established a new partnership aimed at increasing the growth and supporting infrastructure development need by electric vehicles.
Dubbed the “CHAdeMO Association,” the five companies have become its executive members after a preparatory committee was started last August.

According to Mitsubishi, “CHAdeMO Association aims to increase quick-charger installations worldwide indispensable to further diffusion of electric vehicles and to standardize how to charge the vehicles.”  

Over 150 business entities and government bodies including 20 foreign companies are expected to join the association. Look for automakers, electric utilities, charger manufacturers, charging service providers, and other supporting groups to join the ranks.
The association is expected to promote the use of electric vehicles through the efforts of technical improvements of quick chargers, standardization activities of charging methods, and international extension of our knowledge related to quick-charger installations.