Policaro Group Redefines the Automotive Retail Experience


Policaro Group announced the launch of several new services.

The new services include Policaro Leasing, providing bespoke and flexible leasing services; Policaro Performance, a premium vehicle customization division; and, Policaro Access, an enhanced service, sales and delivery experience with in-store and online vehicle purchase and consultation options. The Group also announced a new location of Motion Endeavours, its luxury vehicle and super sports cars division and the expansion of its full-service offering.

“At Policaro Group, we take every moment to redefine our community’s automotive experience through outstanding customer service, cutting edge technology, and a passion for everything we do,” saidFrancesco Policaro, CEO, Policaro Group. “Our premium and diversified service offerings reflect our passion to innovate and deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.”

Policaro Leasing assists customers in purchasing their dream vehicle through a dedicated point-of-contact that includes bespoke and flexible leasing services. Through Leasing, the Policaro Group is also providing the option of a fully digital leasing experience where the entire process can be completed online.

Policaro Performance is Policaro Group’s premium vehicle customization division, providing customers with the ability to enhance and upgrade their vehicles for optimal performance. From minor adjustments to major enhancements, Policaro Performance’s white glove service is personalized to suit customers’ needs and enhance their vehicle’s performance.

Motion Endeavours, one of the country’s top retailers of luxury vehicles and super sports cars will relocate to 191 Wyecroft Road in Oakville. Motion Endeavours has assisted North America’s most discerning automotive enthusiasts in sourcing hard-to-find vehicles. The unrivalled customer experience includes vehicle appraisal, purchase consultation, leasing, consignment, specialized vehicle home delivery and off-season climatized vehicle storage.

Through Policaro Access, Policaro Group has customized the automotive sales and delivery experience for the modern consumer. The enhanced service, sales and delivery experience includes flexible in-store and online vehicle purchase and consultation options. Additionally, at home vehicle delivery to a customer’s door and multiple service options reducing friction through a convenient, secure, and contact-free experience.

“For more than 40 years, the Policaro Group has proudly served Southern Ontario. Our dealerships are among Canada’s most recognized. As we prepare to expand our operations with new locations early next year, we are proud to innovate and complement our dealerships with enhanced premium services,” added Policaro. “We are providing automotive enthusiasts an unrivalled and customized experience.”