Porsche May Soon Offer Android Auto Support


Digital Trends is reporting that Porsche is looking to offer Android Auto integration on some of its upcoming models.

According to Digital Trends, no time line has been given when this will happen, but Porsche’s Michaela Ensinger, manager of electrics and electronics of Porsche’s SUV line told the online news site that the carmaker had decided not to offer Google’s Android Auto as most of its buyers were using Apple and Apple devices.

Android has gained a larger market share of the smart phone and device market across the globe, Porsche is beginning to look at adding Android Auto support to its vehicles. Ensinger told Digital Trends that some of the its vehicles could be compatible with Android Auto in the near future, but would not comment as to when such support would become available.

Currently, the 2018 Porsche line of vehicles is compatible with Apple CarPlay.