Porsche offers limited production run of 911 Speedster


Porsche is offering a limited production run of a 911 Speedster set to debut at the Paris Motor Show in October.

With just 356 to be made worldwide and only 15 slated for Canadian streets, the new units will be available here starting in early 2011, priced at $245,900.

According to Porsche Cars Canada, the concept for the new Speedster was developed by Porsche Exclusive, a division devoted to the individual customization of Porsche production cars for customers as well as the creation of limited-run models.

In fact, the new 911 Speedster celebrates the 25th anniversary of the department.Following in the footsteps of the 911 Sport Classic, which was not offered in Canada, the 911 Speedster features almost all optional equipment from the 911 series as standard, along with many unique design features not available on other 911 models. As such, it is the ultimate example of a factory-customized 911, with upgrades to its exterior design, interior trim and performance features.

“Markedly different from other 911 models,” the company said in a release. “The Speedster comes exclusively in a two-seater configuration, with a windscreen that is more raked back and also lower by 60 mm.”

Even the exterior colour, Pure Blue, was developed exclusively for the Speedster.

Under the hood, the 3.8-litre flat-six, fitted with Porsche's Exclusive Powerkit, delivers 408 hp, 23 hp more than a 911 Carrera S.

The new Speedster is only the fourth model to wear the name. In 1953, the Speedster series was launched with a sports car based on the Porsche 356. In 1988, the first Speedster based on the 911 Carrera celebrated its revival with an added feature: for the first time, the hood compartment lid had the characteristic double bubbles. The last 911 Speedster was available in 1993-1994.