RAPID RTC Live Dealer Connects Salespeople and Online Shoppers in Real-Time With A Fully Immersive Omni-Channel Experience


In order to support dealers’ digital retailing efforts, RAPID RTC has expedited the global launch date for the new fully immersive omni-channel platform called RAPID RTC Live Dealer.

This tool enhances any digital retail platform by providing integrated chat, voice, and 1-way or 2-way video, and is designed exclusively to bring together the current automotive retail process and online shopper. RAPID RTC Live Dealer gives salespeople the opportunity to communicate and sell online when they are not busy on the showroom floor, while allowing online shoppers to use the channel they’re most confident in to start their purchase journey. It’s the platform that delivers the power of video while offering the confidence of choice. Dealers can enable their best sales tool – their salespeople – to mimic the physical sales process and easily engage online traffic when they aren’t busy with walk-ins.

“RAPID RTC Live Dealer delivers a live, customer initiated, completely personalized guided journey, enhancing any digital retail platform by combining the physical space with the virtual,” said Glen Demetrioff, president and CEO of RAPID RTC. “With full audio-visual capabilities, salespeople can share all the elements of the familiar sales process with a customer in real-time while allowing the customer to retain control of their experience – creating a truly frictionless digital conversation for both dealer and prospect. Though nothing can replace the value of the physical showroom experience – when salespeople are waiting for the next walk-in, or aren’t actively selling due to low footfall traffic, an engaged online shopper is their next best lead.”

There are no limitations related to device, downloads, bots, or location – and it works seamlessly with all modern-day browsers. It starts with RAPID RTC’s certified and fully bilingual Concierge team answering a chat within seconds, greeting the active online customer, keeping them warm, and routing their inquiry to all available salespeople on the showroom floor. Any salesperson who is not currently occupied with walk-ins can accept the chat with the press of a button, and connect in real-time to continue the dialogue. Once connected, the prospect and salesperson agree on their settings and how they wish to continue the conversation, giving both full freedom to choose the experience they prefer: chat, voice only, or 1-way or 2-way video.

With video enabled on the dealer side, and the ability to transfer in-progress conversations from desktop to any mobile device, the full showroom experience is brought to life for the online shopper by allowing for product walkarounds in the showroom or on the dealership lot. And, using screen sharing, salespeople can also offer online customers a live, guided experience through any part of the digital retailing process, whether it be inventory feeds, build and price, trade-in appraisals, DMS deal screens or credit applications.

Salespeople can walk customers through the entire purchase journey online with RAPID RTC Live Dealer, using the integrated and immersive toolset to switch seamlessly between video, voice, and chat to deliver a full showroom experience – the same way they would for in-person prospects.