Somerville National Leasing and Rentals Ltd. Acquires Zeemac Vehicle Lease Ltd.


Somerville National Leasing and Rentals Ltd. announced the acquisition of Zeemac Vehicle Lease Ltd. of Burnaby, B.C.

As one of Canada’s leading vehicle leasing companies, Somerville leases fleet and commercial vehicles, and equipment to public and private sector clients across Canada.

Somerville and Zeemac were each founded over 60 years ago based on similar principles: family values, integrity and exceptional customer service. Those same principles hold true today within both organizations, making the acquisition of Zeemac a natural fit for the Somerville portfolio.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to acquire such a well-established player within the vehicle leasing and fleet management industry. Zeemac has become a leader in providing high-tech fleet solutions to a very diverse range of industries through their unique business analysis processes and we’re very excited to add Zeemac to the Somerville family,” said company president, Bill Somerville.

Following the acquisition, Zeemac will continue to operate under the Zeemac Lease Limited name in its current location, and will remain focussed on delivering technologically-advanced fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Andrew McFarlane will continue to lead day-to-day operations as the vice-president of leasing at Zeemac, ensuring a smooth transition for clients, suppliers and employees alike.