Study says mass adoption of electric vehicles some distance away


Despite rising fuel prices, the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is still some distance away, a new European study by Deloitte says.
According to the survey of 4,760 European consumers, only 16 per cent see themselves as potential first movers to buy or lease an electric vehicle, while 53 per cent say they might be willing to consider it, and 31 per cent say they are not likely to consider purchasing or leasing an EV.

More than 80 per cent of European consumers surveyed said that convenience to charge, range, and the cost to charge were all key considerations when buying or leasing an EV.

The majority (57 per cent) of respondents who say they may be willing to consider an Electric vehicle expect to pay the same or less for an EV than they do for a regular car.

Only 24 per cent of the same group say they would be willing to pay a premium.

Currently, hybrids and battery electric vehicles represent a tiny fraction of total cars on the road. The adoption of all forms of green vehicles will be significantly influenced by government policies.

-Metroland Media