Toyota Canada Foundation Announces Scholarships for Black Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education in Automotive Technology


The Toyota Canada Foundation announced it will be funding scholarships for Black students pursuing post-secondary education in automotive technology.

Toyota Canada Foundation scholarship recipients will be selected and awarded by Black Business and Professional Association’s (BBPA) National Scholarship Program, which is committed to supporting and promoting the achievement of academic excellence for Black Canadian youth. The National Scholarship Program was established in 1986 to reduce the rate at which Black students drop out of school despite their academic success due to an unavailability of funds.

Chief executive officer, Nadine Spencer said, “It is truly an inspiration to witness the hard work, determination and sheer talent of our scholarship recipients. Over 1,100 outstanding students applied and while we wish we were able to award them all scholarships, these recipients represent a brighter future for our community and generations to come. They are the catalysts that will shift the narrative. It is an honour to recognize these great minds in their academic endeavors with the commitment and support of our outstanding sponsors.”

Over the next two years, BBPA will select six Black students pursuing post-secondary education in a Canadian automotive technology program to receive a Toyota Canada Foundation scholarship. Each student will receive $5,000 per year, for two years, for a total of $10,000.

“Over the past few years, the Toyota Canada Foundation has helped encourage hundreds of thousands of Canadian kids and youth to pursue an education and career in STEM through its support for national organizations like Actua and Let’s Talk Science,” said Leslie Miller, treasurer, Toyota Canada Foundation. “Now we’re proud to be able to help some of those students take the next step in their education and career by working with Black Business and Professional Association’s terrific National Scholarship program to provide financial support for Black students interested in automotive technology.”

The next application deadline for the scholarships is Summer 2022. Anyone interested should apply directly through the BBPA’s website: