Toyota suspends overtime


Flooding in Thailand continues to necessitate adjustments in Toyota's overtime production hours at plants in Japan, North America and other regions.  

In North America, to conserve parts, the company says vehicle assembly plants (TMMC, TMMK, TMMI, and TMMTX) will suspend overtime next week.  

As previously announced, TMMK, TMMI, TMMWV and TMMC have cancelled Saturday production for Oct. 29.  

In Thailand, TMC’s sales and production company there has extended the production halt at its Samrong, Gateway and Ban Pho plants through Nov. 5.  

The floods have had no physical impact on the plants.

In Japan, TMC has adjusted production hours at its vehicle production plants in Japan through Oct. 29.  Production from Oct. 31 through Nov. 5 will be adjusted based on an ongoing assessment of the parts supply situation at each individual production line.

Vehicle production plants in South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam will also adjust production for the week starting Oct. 31.

The company says parts availability from Thailand is under review and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, North America (TEMA) is working with suppliers and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to provide updates as supply availability is confirmed to return production to regular levels.